URC Children's and Youth Work

Pray like Hannah

Everyone is invited to pray for children across the month of July.

We will be asking General Assembly in July to mark the launch of URC Children by resolving afresh to ensure that all structures and councils of the church (local church meeting, Synod and General Assembly) are consistently mindful of the voice of children and of the impact of their decisions on children and future generations.

Why pray like Hannah?

The question that congregations are asking is: “Why do we have so few children coming to church?”

The answer takes the form of another question: “Have you prayed for them to come?”

So the invitation is to everyone connected to the church: Pray like Hannah. For resources see -Pray like Hannah

Children together badge

As part of the URC children launch  cloth badges are being produced which may be of interest to URCGSF. The synods will have a supply of them and there will be some available in church house. I believe they are 50p per badge.


You can contact us by email on children.youth@urc.org.uk or phone on 020 7916 8683. Our website is here ,,facebook here and Twitter @URCCYW or you can use good old snail mail.

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Children's and Youth Work News - May 2022