Eco Matters

World in his hands

Eco Matters  

Our world is warming faster than ever before. The last decade was the warmest since records began, and this year we’ve seen the impacts of the climate crisis right on our doorstep - and further afield.

People from across the generations are concerned about climate change and are using their voices to call for urgent action. It’s clear that beautiful things are possible when we work together, and that small act can make a big difference.

A recent study from Bath University suggests that 60% of young people approached said they felt very worried or extremely worried about the planet and climate change.

In this section, we hope to support leaders by providing resources to help young people think through the issues involved in creation care and give suggestions for small acts of kindness, activism and education, which can help leaders and groups  work toward their Promise to the Planet.

Watch the Eco Resources sub page for ideas and resources to be posted.  The first one is "Living Camera"