Eco Resources

1.    Living Cameras

 You will need:


 What you do:

 1.      In pairs, and choose one player to be the ‘camera’, and the other to be the ‘photographer’.

 2.      The ‘camera’ closes their eyes, or is blindfolded, and is carefully led by the photographer.

 3.      The ‘photographer’ positions the ‘camera’ where there is a beautiful or interesting view.

 4.      The ‘camera’ then takes a photograph by opening and closing their eyes. The ‘camera’ can then describe the brief flash of the picture they saw.


Green Bingo

What you need:


green bingo sheet (see below)

 What you do:

1.    Talk to one other to find out who has done the different things listed on the sheet.  Add their name to the relevant box.


2.    After a set time, share the results of the bingo. Did anyone managed to fill all the boxes?



recycles their rubbish





often travels by bus


has helped in a litter pick



has a compost bin




has rescued an injured wild animal


can name an extinct animal



grows their own fruit or vegetables


regularly buys environmentally friendly products



has weeded a garden recently




has planted a tree


uses energy saving light bulbs at home




has ridden a bike recently


buys things from charity shops




can name an endangered animal



has a bird box in their garden


saves water in a water butt


remembers to shut the lights off when leaving the room


has visited a nature reserve