Welcome to the website of the United Reformed Church Guide and Scout Fellowship

The aims of the Fellowship have remained constant throughout our 60 year history, to support Guiding and Scouting in particular within the church, to work with those responsible for children’s and youth work within the church and to help with the spiritual development of the members of the two movements. This can take the form of help with relationships between our groups and the church or the provision of ideas for craft and activities to help in the understanding and practice of duty to God



It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our Manager, Rev David Marshall-Jones.

He died peacefully at home on February 19th


Do you have anyone who could represent the Fellowship at the Youth Assembly from 26th to 28th January?  For details - see first item on URC Children's and Youth Work page. We can sponsor two places.

CYWC January 2024 newsletter just added to URC Children's and Youth Work page